Tyrus Who?

Tyrus Tillman is a comedian, singer, and creator of all things entertaining. Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, he has traveled the country entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging others to enjoy life, in whichever way they see fit...Freely!

Tyrus has always had the gift of making others laugh.  Since a child, he has been able to draw people in, across all generations, and connect with them on one level or another.  Often viewed as a “free spirit”, Tyrus was raised to “find the line, then cross it”.  His mother, the late Hiwasissiee Kindred-Tillman, instilled in him the responsibility to lift others up, because of his gifts.  Gifts that included singing, which he inherited from his mother, who also started singing at a young age, and continued using her voice throughout her life.

Tyrus maintains that his upbringing, centered around faith, family, and love, prepared him for the world that he lives in today.  His most impactful moments of his childhood was provided by his Grandmother, Lillian Simmons-Melton, his Great-Aunt Rev. Clara G. Elam, and his mother.  He used each of their passing to fuel his journey to achieve his ultimate goal…..”Celebrate life’s moments, as often as you can, for as long as you can”.

Through the years, Tyrus has sung at funerals, weddings, parties, and all kinds of events.  He has hosted shows, spoken as a motivational speaker, and even been featured in multiple stage plays.

Today, Tyrus has an ever evolving and expanding audience of men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  He has held many positions throughout corporate America, including working in telecommunications, industrial, and even public government.

Father of 1 fur baby, Marlo, he is also the youngest of 4 children, Arcola, Basil “Bj”, and Shonovia.  While he has no human children of his own, he is uncle to several nieces and nephews.  Tyrus’ biological mother, affectionately known as “Wassi”, passed on November 20, 2013, at the young age of 54, yet he was blessed with a “bonus mom”, Judy, who is one of the greatest blessings in his life, always supportive, loving, and comforting.  His Father, Eugene, has always been a source of strength and support.

“When this life is over, I want folks to know I left nothing on the table, I lived life on my own terms, and I was always working to bring joy to those who needed it most.  I lived….Freely!”  -Tyrus